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Choose First Class Care

It's more than just physical therapy, because we do more than just rehabilitate injuries.  Treatment is based on partnership - between you and one of our experienced therapists, between leading-edge technology and traditional hands-on care, and between conventional care and innovative solutions. 

We take advantage of your body's ability to heal, move, and do all the things you need to.  Like getting you back to work.  Getting you back to play.  And getting you back to the pain-free life you once lived.  In short, we optimize your life.

We also optimize your recovery by partnering you with a qualified, licensed physical therapist each and every visit.  Of course, we do have assistants who will help, but if they do, it's under the direct supervision of your personal physical therapist.

All of these reasons are why doctors and other healthcare professionals refer their patients to us.   Whether you need intensive rehabilitation after an auto accident or sports injury, or quick recovery from back or neck pain, you'll find first-class treatment behind our doors. 

Our patients' total health is both a daily goal and a lasting commitment.  We don't think first-class care could be defined in any other way.

First Class Care You Can Trust

Our CEO, Cheryl Howard, PT, CMDT, a nationally-recognized back and neck specialist, has nearly two decades of physical therapy experience. She has specialized training in myofascial release, mechanical diagnosis, and treatment of the spine. Plus, she is a certified strength-training specialist. There is no substitute for this kind of experience.

Just as important, we treat you as we would like to be treated. We personalize your treatments. We cater to your needs. We treat you like family.

First Class Care Lastings Results

We're known for our successful treatment methods and our gentle, one-on-one customized care. Patients are treated like human beings, not numbers. That's because our physical therapists spend all the time it takes to ensure your quickest, most thorough recovery, and it shows in the results we've achieved for thousands of patients. We take pride in these results, since they show we really are delivering first-class therapy with the care and concern you deserve. You'll find innovative, personalized treatment for:


- Chronic pain
- Arthritis
- Fibromyalgia
- Post Surgical Rehabilitation
- Neurological Rehabilitation
- Headaches
- Traumatic Injuries

- Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, & Elbow Pain

- Auto, Work & Sport Injuries
- Women's Health Issues
- Orthopedic Injuries
- Post Cancerous Care
- Fitness for Seniors
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Prosthetic Management


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